BS 4800 Colour Chart

BS 4800 is a selection of colours for building purposes taken from the BS 5252 Framework for colour co-ordination. BS 4800 colours are widely specified in the U.K. This colour chart serves pure as an indication for the wide range of BS colours. BS 5252:1976 Framework for colour co-ordination for building purposes, establishes 237 colours. Derivatives from BS 5252 include the well-known BS 4800:1989 Schedule for paint colours for building purposes, which covers 100 colours. Colours are identified using a 3-part notation, describing hue, greyness and weight, e.g. 08 B 15, a yellow-red. There are 12 hues plus a neutral (00). Greyness has 5 steps, A to E. Weight, an equivalent concept to nuance in NCS (see below), subjectively combines greyness and lightness and ranges from 01 to 56. Lightness is part of the system but is not included in the notation. The colours visualized in the chart can differ due to the capabilities of your computer monitor, setup of your software and accuracy of your colour printer.