Our Painted glass using AVKO’s specially formulated Spray Paint for glass. “Avkote GP”. a superior finish to the highest standard is achieved.


Prior to paint application, the glass is meticulously cleaned ; thus allowing the paint to bond to the glass surface for a perfect finish. We offer the entire range of RAL and BS colours for our back Painted glass products. We can also match from the Dulux Trade Palette.

When choosing colours please also be aware that normal float glass has a green tint to it. We recommend the use of ‘low iron’ extra white glass to achieve a better colour match. Processed in the same way as float glass, Toughened Low iron glass is available.


Glass paint technology has evolved to meet the ever increasing demand for back painted glass products. Used for cladding, this is a versatile glass product. Also suited to a residential kitchen splash back application besides cladding the walls within a busy office reception.

Where before looked upon as a feature used sparingly, it has developed into a fundamental element of contemporary interior design often used as the primary wall finish. The range of possible applications is virtually endless.

Back painted glass can make a real difference to any room. Whether updating a kitchen with a modern glass splash back, fitting a bathroom with an urban glass wall or simply refreshing a table with coloured glass coverings. To suit your chosen colour scheme, the reverse surface of the glass can be painted. Back painted glass is very easy to clean and has great durability. When painted on toughened glass it is also heat resistant to approximately 200 degrees centigrade.

We paint glass for a wide range of uses including kitchen splash backs, worktops, shower enclosures, bath panels and other architectural decorative applications, making a key feature of interior design, in conjunction with custom lighting effects, the results are truly outstanding.

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Paint for glass
Paint for glass
All our back painted glass is finished to the highest standard using AVKO’s specially formulated Spray Paint for glass, Avkote GP.The glass is meticulously cleaned prior to paint application; this allows the paint to bond to the glass surface for a perfect finish.
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